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(Outlook) How Can I Setup Reminders or Meeting Request Using MS Outlook? - MS Outlook كيف يمكنني إعداد التنبيهات والاجتماعات باستخدام برنامج
Last Updated 5 years ago

Click the "Calendar" tab.
Pick the required date.
Right click on the required time.
Choose your alert type
* "New Appointment" for reminders.
* "New Meeting Request" to invite people to a meeting and set up a reminder in their Outlook accounts.

5. Click the "To..." button to choose your attendees (individuals or groups). In the Subject box, type a description. In the Location box, type a description.
6. In the "Start time" and "End time" lists, select the start and end time for the meeting.
7. If this is an all day event, select the "All day event" check box.
8. Type or attach any information that you want to share with the recipients.
9. Click the "Send" button.

Same instructions without having to add recipients.

10. The event will be saved in your calendar.
11. You will receive a notification 15 minutes before the start time.

Please note: Recipients must Accept the request in order for the event to be added to their calendar.

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