Google Apps

PSU secured an agreement with Google to offer PSU Google Apps for Education to our faculty, registered students (new account is created upon enrollment and registration for class), and staff. The agreement provides access to core apps, with terms of service different from consumer apps and designed to protect intellectual property rights and privacy. Core apps are:
● Google Drive
● Google Calendar
● Google Sites
● Google Classroom
● Google Hangouts
● Google Contacts

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. (Calendar) How To Share Your calendar Using Google Calendar  
  2. (Contacts) How to create own contact group - كيفية إنشاء مجموعة إتصال خاصة  
  3. (Drive) How to Search in Google Drive? كيفية البحث في قوقل درايف  
  4. (Drive) How to Set a Timeout for Shares of Files & Folders in Google Drive - Google Drive كيفية تعيين وقت زمني لمشاركة الملفات والمجلدت في  
  5. (Drive) How to share a file in your Google Drive  
  6. (Drive) How to Share PDF Versions of Google Drive Files  
  7. (Drive) How to Transfer Ownership of a Document in Google Drive - Google Drive كيفية نقل ملكية ملف في  
  8. (Drive) How to upload and share your document in Google drive - كيفية رفع ومشاركة المستندات في محرك جوجل  
  9. (Drive) How to View Past Activity and Restore Older Versions of Documents in Google Docs - كيفية الإطلاع على التعديلات وإستعادة النسخ القديمة من المستندات في Google Docs  
  10. (Team Drives) How to create a Team Drive كيفية إنشاء  
  11. (Team Drives) How to move files and folders from your Drive to Team Drives- كيفية نقل الملفات والمجلدات من الـ Drive الخاص بك إلى Team Drives  
  12. GSuite - Google Calendar Tips  
  13. GSuite - Google Docs Tips  
  14. GSuite - Google Drive tips  
  15. GSuite - Google Forms Tips  
  16. GSuite - Google Gmail Tips  
  17. GSuite - Google Hangouts Tips  
  18. GSuite - Google Sheet Tips  
  19. GSuite - Google Slides Tips  
  20. GSuite - Google Team Drives Tips  
  21. How do I use Google Calendar?  
  22. How do I use Google Classroom? (Faculty)  
  23. How do I use Google Classroom? (Student)  
  24. How do I use Google Docs?  
  25. How do I use Google Drive?  
  26. How do I use Google Forms?  
  27. How do I use Google Hangouts?  
  28. How do I use Google Site?  
  29. How do I use Google Valut?  
  30. How to Prevent Others from Sharing your files or folders - كيفية منع الأشخاص من مشاركة الملف او المجلد الخاص بك  
  31. How to Start a Call in Google Hangout- Google Hangout كيفية بدء محادثة في  

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